Saturday, August 31, 2013

Do Not Worry

The present political situation worldwide is...perilous. America's situation economically is dire, and we weep at horrible acts done in the world in the name of a good one. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the things of the world I just described, and forget that as Christians we are not even citizens of that world. In the Christian's Country, the economy is fine, and there is no national debt. There are no formal laws because their is no crime. There is no need for welfare because there is no need, everyone has all that they want. Our model of government is quite different from America's, being an absolute monarchy, but this is ok because our leader has Impeccable credentials. Unlike the leaders of America, Jesus Christ has never accepted any bribes, has never been in a scandal, and has never committed adultery. He has never lied, not even once. Though many American Politicians write books, Jesus wrote a book that has become the ultimate guide for how to be successful and happy. It currently is the bestselling book of all time. He knows his country well because he created it. Not only does he have the needed ruling experience to rule, he has the most experience...period. He has no weak points, being fully competent in every good thing. But the biggest reason why all the citizens of this Country love their King so much is that instead of simply being a "citizen" of this country, we have the privilege of actually being adopted as children of his father, God, and therefore as brothers and co-heirs with King Jesus. All our needs are met, we have no worry about the future. If you are a member of this country, then praise God! Remember that you are only such because you were plucked by God out of the present world where Satan rules. And if you are NOT a citizen of this Country, what possible reason do you have for staying in another? Citizenship is free! Because there is one other thing. This country has no illegal immigration!

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