Sunday, February 15, 2015

Experience at Papa John's

I don't know exactly what I should and shouldn't say. I do know that there are some juicy pieces of information that I know about where I work that, if revealed to the public, would get me fired and thus probably (though not automatically!) means I shouldn't divulge said information. So there is a line. But I don't quite know where it is. Well, at the risk of me posting this and then getting a call from some bigwig (to me, pretty much anyone else with a scowl and a "Papa John's" T-Shirt on) that I'm in deep yogurt for talking about the company, I thus proceed.
So, to catch the reader up on some details about my life, I am a full time student at Reformation Bible College, a part-time History tutor, and as of January 5th, a part-time delivery driver for Papa John's. A few months ago, I was only taking 9 credit hours at school and working 15 hours a week teaching, and I was desperately in need of both money and occupied time (if you haven't noticed yet I'm a bit of a workaholic).  I applied to Papa John's Pizza down the street from where I live, and only 2 MONTHS LATER I get a call from the GM asking if I would come down for an interview. I did, and got hired on the spot. I have been working here for about 6 weeks now, and in summary, enjoy it. Although my job description is "delivery driver", every employee is cross-trained quit a bit. I know how to make pizzas, answer the phones, work the POS system, clean the store, work the oven, etc. I get paid minimum wage when I'm working in the store (In florida, Minimum wage is 8.05/hr). When I'm out making deliveries, My wage becomes a "tip wage", which is around $5/hr. I get to keep all of my tips. So, when all of these variables are factored together, I will, in a typical 6 hour shift,  spend about 3.5 hours in the store, earning 8.02X3.5=$28, 2.5 hours on the road, earning 5.00X2.5=$12.50 plus around $50 in tips, so a total of around 90 bucks for 6 hours of work. Some nights its less, some its more, but I'm averaging approximately $15/hour. Tonight, for instance, I worked from 5pm to 1:45am. So, if I spent, say, about 5.5 hours on the road (27 bucks in wages) and the rest (3.3 hours) in the store (26 bucks in wages), I earned 53 dollars in wages tonight. But, I also took home $106.00 in tips (!). So, for 8.8 hours of work, I earned about 160 bucks. That's....wait for it...over $18 an deliver pizza, answer phones, and clean counters at the end of the day. Also, When I'm in my car driving, I listen to audiobooks and music. I also smoke my pipe at night while driving on occasion. I also get to take home/eat lots of free pizza. So, It's a pretty cushy job. And I've been logging around 35 hours each week (this week was 39). I've also been logging around 15 hours/week teaching, and 15 hours/week in classes, and 10 hours/week (far less than I should be) studying. So that adds up to about 80 hours of work each week. Ugh! Anyway, I intend to ramp up my hours spent prepping for my teaching job, and increase hours spent studying, while a the same time decreasing the hours I log for Papa John's. I will keep you updated, even though "you" is nobody and I'm writing all this for my own enjoyment anyway. :-)

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