Thursday, March 2, 2017

(Quote) Delighting in the Trinity

     I have been quite lax here on my internet nest, but only because I have been so busy in my real one. However, I intend to both become more consistent and present on here and post a sort of "life update".   I am going to begin posting quotes that I find worth your time. Whether it be from my devotions, (Scripture, Commentaries) pleasure reading (Theology, Philosophy, Fiction, Psychology, Classics, Relationships/Marriage) or School (currently Western Civ.) it is sure to be an affair both varied in subject and length. The first quote is from a little treatise on the Trinity that is actually more of an introduction to Christianity through the lens of the doctrine of the Trinity. A friend loaned it to me, but it is worth my purchasing (most books fall under that category for me!) Here 'tis:

     "We can open our Bibles for all sorts of odd reasons––as a religious duty, an attempt to earn God's favor, or thinking that it serves as a moral self-help guide, a manual for handy tips for effective religious lives. That idea is actually one main reason so many feel discouraged in their Bible-reading. Hoping to find quick lessons for how they should spend today, people find instead a genealogy, or a list of various sacrifices. And how could page after page of histories, descriptions of the temple, instructions to priests, affect how I rest, work, and pray today?

     But when you see that Christ is the subject of all the scriptures, that he is the Word, the Lord, the one who reveals his Father, the promised Hope, the true Temple, the true Sacrifice, the great High Priest, the ultimate King, then you can read, not so much asking, "What does this mean for me, right now?" but "What do I learn here of Christ?" Knowing that the Bible is about him and not me means that, instead of reading the Bible obsessing about me, I can gaze on him. And as through the pages you get caught up in the wonder of his story, you find your heart strangely pounding for him in a way you never would have if you had treated the Bible as a book about you. 

–Micheal Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity 

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