Thursday, March 2, 2017

Short Review of "Smarter Better Faster: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business"

I listened to this book on audible. My mom bought it and listened to it first. Not super original, many of the insights included I have read before, but the two standout points I remember were those pertaining to giving ourselves more control, "shifting our internal locus of control" which will lead to more ownership of the task, more power over it, and thus more motivation to carry it out. Case studies using the Toyota assembly line and the Marines training camp especially informative. Also, the note about taking handwriting notes instead of using a computer was interesting. it was a case-study pertaining to the point that creating "disfluency" in tasks can spark focus and creativity because it gets your brain out of a rut. I will try, at least, to take more handwriting notes. :-) I can't recommend this particular narrator though, he sounded a bit wooden. (Mike Chamberlain).

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