Sunday, November 24, 2019

More Broken Eggs

Testing out a feature where I actually blog. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy the informal medium of blogging, though I recognize that the current technological spirit of the age is social media.  

To increase the irony, I don’t read, follow, or keep up in general with blogs, whereas I do keep up on twitter and youtube. Huh. I think I write on this internet nest because I enjoy it, not because I am trying to reach the biggest audience. If I wanted to do that, I would promulgate my ideas on twitter. 

Here is what I will propose to do. I need to write more, especially since I am not blazing through my undergraduate degree program anymore and churching out 12-page research papers every month. Writing is nothing more than the practice of thinking in a disciplined fashion, and I definitely need to do this as much as possible, especially since I don’t have any peers in my field to parlay with regularly. 

I realized that even if I’m not writing papers as often, I am reading a few books each week, and could easily write reviews on them. 

So, I will write more, even if it isn’t polished. Previously (before right now), I hesitated to write and publish on my twitter or blog platforms because, as the proverb says, when words are not lacking, transgression is abundant. The more you write, the more stupid stuff you say. Though the making of omelets indeed leads to breaking eggs, nobody seems to focus on the fact that you have a freakin omelet when you are finished. 

Here’s to breaking lots of eggs, in the hope of making better omelets, and maybe belaboring my metaphors less often. 

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