Friday, June 19, 2020

Notes to "Do More Better" by Tim Challies

Topic: Personal productivity/organization
Course: productivity
Date: 6/18/20
Read: 6-19-20

Resources, citations, quotes, sources
  • “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31
    • Download productivity worksheet
  • “…productivity involves making decisions about how to allocate…finite resources.” (p. 35)
  • “A home for everything, a like goes with like.” (p. 49)
  • Kevin Deyoung-crazy busy 
  • “As Many have pointed out, motivation gets you started, but habit keeps you going.” (p. 80)

Key Points
  • Glorify God (make Him big) by doing what matters most (good works) well (productively)
  • Productivity thieves: Laziness, business, and thorns 
    • Busylazy-the art of procrastinating so you were lazy, then really busy because you were catching up. Then you get stressed, tired, and thinking you did a lot, when you just did a lot at once 
  • Define areas of responsibility, then your roles, then your projects
    • Family
      • Spiritual leadership
      • Financial management
      • Home
    • School
      • Classes
      • Networking
      • Misc. (Scholorships, payments, registration, etc)
    • Personal
      • Spiritual fitness
      • Physical fitness
      • Mental fitness
    • Church
      • Fellowship
      • Service
  • Define your mission statement for each of your AOR
  • Plan neglect–say no to opportunities (sometimes ones that are amazing) if they aren’t efficient at furthering your purpose. Remember, when you say yes to one thing, you say no to something else. 
  • 3 essential tools
    • Task management tool-to do software (Todoist)
      • This is the most crucial tool
      • Organize along projects, sub-projects, and tasks
      • When setting tasks, always associate it with a verb like “Buy” “Fix” “Call” etc. to make it concrete. 
      • The trick to making Todoist work is to add everything and check it regularly
      • When adding tasks, put them in the inbox and then do, delegate, defer, or drop

    • Scheduling tool-calendar to help remember time sensitive events Apple Calendar
      • The calendar is for events that are time sensitive: classes, church, bible study, interviews, zoom meetings, doctors appointments, etc. 
      • Resist the urge to turn your calendar into your task management tool
    • Information tool-to help capture information such as notes, websites, emails, attachments, etc. (Evernote)
      • This is designed to be your external brain
      • You can use tags to make Evernote searchable
      • Push all information into Evernote-downloads, attachments, etc. don’t leave it in your email or your reading list 
      • Push everything into your inbox notebook, then either:
        • Trash it
        • Move it into its proper notebook
  • Daily planning-Coram Deo
    • Set a Todoist project called Review and do a routine check-up of your duties and plan for the day. Do this every day either in the evening right before bed, or in the morning before work
  • Using all three tools:
    • Case study: Leading a Bible Study
      • Use your calendar to create a reminder that you need to be somewhere (appointment). Use task manager (Todoist) to create a task (prepare Bible Study), and use Evernote to file research for that prep. In this way, you use all three tools
  • Steward energy well: schedule the hardest tasks for when you are at your most able to complete them. 
  • When choosing priorities, don’t be a people-pleaser or overly prideful and selfish. 
  • Weekly review: the significant planning you do to be intentional about producing
  • Tame your email:
    • Create a Reply folder, an archive folder, and a trash folder in your email application
    • Trash it, archive it, reply to it, or move to your reply folder 
    • DON”T LEAVE IT JUST SITTING THERE-“A Little sleep, a little slumber, and email chaos will come upon you…"
    • Close your email and only check it occasionally
    • Forward information-rich stuff to your Evernote account, then archive it
  • Misc. Tips:
    • Break it down
    • Create A not-to-do list in evernote
    • Stop attempting to multi-task. “Don’t half-ass lots of things, whole-ass one thing.” -Ron

  • Some typos

[x]Set up and organize Evernote, Todoist, and ical.
[]Se up hard parameters around distractions like Netflix and YouTube, whether its removing them from my phone or turning off those devices. Turn wifi off on my computer. Study with someone who won’t let me go there. Go somewhere without service
[]Choose at least one habit to emphasize other than productivity. Devotions and exercise
[]Download the productivity worksheet
[]Say no more often to wasteful things
[]Set up fixed times to view and review my day and week. Be purposeful about my goals 

Summary of Notes
  • Productivity is about being intentional in serving others for the glory of God. 
  • Use tools to help you
  • Be intentional about planning: all tends towards chaos: Thrive, don’t just “hang in there"

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