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List of people, websites, blogs, or ministries I support in part or full:

1. Polemics Report, Pulpit and Pen, J.D. Hall
A reformed Baptist Pastor in Rural Montana who engages in the discipline of "Polemics" that is, apologetics for true Christianity over and against other forms of Christianity. In my opinion, Polemics-Biblical discernment for errant forms of "Christianity" is far more important than apologetics proper. The danger will come from within the church, not from outside of it. This man is stellar at defending Orthodox, Reformed Belief. His podcast, Polemics report, is one of my favorites to listen to while running. 

2. Ligonier Ministries
This is the largest reformed resource eva! I went to Reformation Bible College, which is a subsidiary of Ligonier Academy, and it was a fantastic education.

3. Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Where I will probably get my Masters Degree.

4. Tim Challies' blog
Best resource for book reviews, besides my own blog of course!

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